Electric Vehicle Charging

We’re not just a parking or EV charging company. We’re a carbon and energy management company.

And whether your needs are sustainability-influenced or driven by customer or resident demand, you need an EV partner who can support both your current and future EV charging strategies well before the “plug in” happens. It’s our job to ensure that EV charging becomes an opportunity for your business as this rapidly growing area evolves into a strategic part of your energy operations, today and in the not-so-distant future.

We help by first ensuring professional design, understanding cost impact and recovery, and exploring the exciting possibilities of using EV electrons to power your facility.

Blackstone is a full-service energy management company that has developed, engineered and installed EV charging, solar and energy savings projects at nearly 100 public and private sector locations. By understanding the intricacies of EV charging infrastructure, it’s our job to ensure that whenever charging happens on-site, we quantify, measure and monitor the impact of what is installed so our clients have a clear picture of overall energy consumption and costs.

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Blackstone is an energy management company that serves to deliver purposeful change for its clients by guiding large businesses, municipalities and hospitals on their journey to net-zero consumption.

Since 2003, we have been helping our clients save, sustain and thrive by developing custom energy management solutions for efficiency and cost improvement, renewable generation and carbon offsetting.


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