David Alicandri

David has 14 years of experience in the energy markets, including 10 with Blackstone. He earned his Honours in Bachelor of Business Administration from York University. David’s main responsibility is to manage clients’ day-to-day needs as they relate to supplier relationships and utility obligations. He oversees a team that is in constant contact with industry suppliers, transportation companies and utilities. He assesses market pricing movement for dozens of delivery points across North America on a daily basis, and manages clients’ transportation and storage assets to help them minimize costs and exposure.

David’s operational savvy is unmatched in the industry. He has developed systems and processes that help his team analyze market information from various platforms including NGX and the CME for natural gas and IESO, MISO, NYISO and PJM markets for electricity. He assesses market information with prices received from supplier trading desks to determine the best procurement and transaction approach as it relates to client needs.

David’s industry knowledge provides a significant benefit to Blackstone’s clients in terms of matching their needs with the appropriate supplier or counter party. He brings additional expertise with utility systems and contract structures including Enbridge’s EnTRAC, Union Gas’ Unionline System, Direct Purchase, Agent Billing and Collection (ABC), and Large Volume Contract arrangements. David has worked with these systems daily for the past decade and, along with his team, ensures clients have met utility obligations and are accessing the best rate plans available to help minimize costs.

David is also a regular guest speaker at utility symposiums, both advising their large client base as well as the utilities themselves on market dynamics and trends.

David’s responsibilities include:

  • Overall management of the North American commodities portfolio
  • Oversee operational functions with respect to supply, transportation and utility requirements including assessment of risks and opportunities
  • Supplier sourcing, contract management
  • Price discovery on behalf of the agencies
  • Ensure integrity and consistency of internal operational functions including reporting, data entry and account management

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