Peter Stratakos

Peter has been involved in the energy commodities markets for over 15 years. He earned an Economics degree at The University of Western Ontario and was the recipient of the Robert G. Siskind Entrepreneurial Award. He is well-versed in the North American natural gas, electricity, fuel and carbon markets.

Peter’s educational background and professional experience both have their focus on understanding global commodities and energy markets. He has an extensive understanding of how commodities are impacted by government fiscal and monetary policy, regulation, currency markets and fundamentals. His research and analytical capabilities have also led to the development of unique market strategies designed to maximize cost savings. For example, Peter spearheaded the development of a multi-year Price Cap Contract Strategy that provided clients with the dual benefit of natural gas cost certainty and access to low market rates. Previously, this strategy was only available to clients willing to enter into complex derivatives contracts. Peter and his team were able to work with industry suppliers to create this structure within a physical supplier agreement.

One of Peter’s key strengths is helping Blackstone’s clients understand the complexities of the market, developing energy management plans that account for various scenarios. This is coupled with integrating clients’ corporate, financial and sustainability objectives into their energy management planning.

His ability to decipher long-term market trends in the context of shorter term market behaviour (known as technical analysis) helps clients strategize energy purchases and projects for the long term while minimizing costs within a given budget year. Peter’s ability to understand market risk and opportunity as it relates to client needs has helped save Blackstone's clients millions of dollars annually.

Peter is an active participant in events and conferences involving the Industrial Gas Users Association, Ontario Energy Association, Union Gas Marketers/Consultants Council, Electric Utility Consultants Inc., Enbridge Gas Vendor and Marketer Symposiums as well as many other associations and events focused on various industries. He is regularly invited to participate as a speaker or contributing author with various organizations including the Canadian Marketers & Exporters Association, Administrative Services Coordinating Committee (ASCC), the Colleges Ontario Finance Officers (COFO), the Ontario Colleges Facility Management Association (OCFMA), the Ontario College Council of Chief Information Officers (OCCCIO) and the Ontario Colleges Purchasing Management Association (OCPMA) Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario, the Greater Toronto Apartment Association and the Canadian Health Care Engineering Society. Active in community involvement, Peter sits on committees with The Trillium Health Foundation and The William Osler Health System Foundation.

Peter is passionate about the energy markets and invests much of his time studying and analyzing all aspects of commodities markets. He has completed various courses and independent studies in commodities market fundamentals, strategic energy planning, technical analysis, and futures/options strategies. Peter is currently in the process of completing the Canadian Securities Institute’s Derivatives fundamentals, Technical Analysis and Certification in Equity Trading (CEQT) designation.

Blackstone is an energy management company that serves to deliver purposeful change for its clients by guiding large businesses, municipalities and hospitals on their journey to net-zero consumption.

Since 2003, we have been helping our clients save, sustain and thrive by developing custom energy management solutions for efficiency and cost improvement, renewable generation and carbon offsetting.


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